Update Log

Version 4.6.9

Completely updated particle engine.
This includes new particle animations for fire, breaking blocks, weather, and more!
Found a nasty unknown bug having to do with block culling.

Version 4.6.8

Added Pumpkin, Sandstone, Stone Brick, and Cobblestone Fences. Other maintenance.

Version 4.6.7

Updated: Player walk speed now starts out slow and gradually increases.
Updated: Player skins now use correct frames for body parts.
Updated: Added Jungle Fences and Spruce Fences.

Other maitenance.

Version 4.6.6

Fixed multiple bugs in the skin menu.
Fixed bug where spreading fire would cause a random crash.
Fixed bug in options menu.
Other misc. minor bug fixes.

Version 4.6.5

Added Oak Fences and Birch Fences.
Note: Fences will not save in old worlds. You will need to create a new world to save placed fences.
Other Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.6.3 – 4.6.4

Creepers do more damage.
Fixed bug where creepers would circle player instead of exploding.
Updated sound menu with a master and music volume sliders.
Other minor Fixes.

Version 4.6.2

Started implementing new user interface.
Wheat seeds drop from harvested Wheat.
Improved frame rate during storms.
Fixed mobs gathering off screen. Note: Old worlds with groups of mobs will need killed off.
Neutral mobs spawn rate decreased.
Items collected are now defaulted to player inventory.
Reduced number of interstitial ads in free version.
Added back chest button for sandbox and creative modes.
Added new health and hunger system.
Food restores health as well as hunger.