Update Log

Version 10.0.14

Added / Updated

Added drag spawn functionality.
Added dynamic loading of chunks for thrown items in infinite worlds.
For example: Thrown emeralds that travel off screen will load necessary chunks for collision.
Moved menu color screen to menu options screen.
Added color picker for accent color selection.
Color preference now affects selection box.
Added More.. Menu. Get Diamonds for watching video ads and check out our other apps.
Added toggle button for debug data.
Hammers are now used to break blocks such as crafting tables, doors, etc.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bug where fences would not load correctly in infinite worlds.
Fixed bug where background would scroll even though player was not moving.

Version 10.0.12 – 10.0.13

Added foundation for chunk system. (loading/saving/unloading)
Added track/foot particles when player is running.
Added leather armor and leather armor recipes.
Added the ability to dye leather armor.


New Flatlands worlds use the new chunk system.
Flatlands worlds are now infinite/device free space depending.
Adjusted background scroll speed.
Adjusted background heights.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed background not scrolling at correct speed.

Version 10.0.11


Added health bars to mobs.
Added switch to options menu to enable health bars for mobs.
Added item frames, and the ability to place items in them.
Added TNT recipe


Updated all mobs base health.
Adjusted tools and weapons damage base.
Changed mode menu to options menu.
Reduced x and y velocity at which items are dropped when blocks are destroyed.
Reduced the size of dropped objects.
Mob health is now saved when they are culled off screen.
Moved TNT to objects menu

Fixed button sound from firing twice in options menu.

Version 10.0.10


Fixed crash when updating old worlds to new framework.
Fixed bug where string would not spawn.


Rain and storms now put out mobs that are on fire.
Reduced the rate at which leaves fall after a tree is cut down.

Version 10.0.09

Bug Fixes:

Crash when climbing ladders in certain conditions.
Crash when dying by multiple explosions.
Crash when trying to sleep in a bed in Sandbox Mode.
Crash when spamming back button in craft confirm menu and death screen.
Crash when spamming back button in death screen.
Bug where a spawn egg would replace equipped item after sleeping.
Bug where craft confirm menu would show invalid quantities.
Bug where armor would disappear when moving in inventory.
Bug where horses could not jump.


Removed all dependencies on the Box2D physics engine.
Increased the size of the close button in all menus.
Updated horse riding animation.

Version 10.0.08

Bug Fixes:

Fixed crash when riding horse.
Fixed crash when exiting title menu.
Fixed bug where player could walk through closed doors.


Leaves now have a 5% chance to drop an apple.
Reduced the effectiveness of wood tools.
Increased fall distance before damage is taken to 6 blocks.

Version 10.0.07

Fixed bug when loading new skins.

Version 10.0.05 – 10.0.06


Skeletons drop up to 5 bones upon dying.
Dropping items no longer defaults to grid locations.
Dropped items when dying take longer to disappear.
Updated white wool graphic for pumpkin patch.
Updated arrow physics. Arrow flight is more realistic now!


  • Remaining Gold Armor.
  • Cooked Mutton and Raw Mutton.
  • String and String Recipe.
  • New Bow Animations. Players now aim their bows.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed bug where quickly pressing hardware back button more than once would cause crash.
-Fixed bug where dying while riding a horse would cause a crash.
-Fixed bug where setting user consent for tagerted ads cause a silent crash.

Version 10.0.03 – 10.0.04

Critical bug fixes.

Version 10.0.02


New physics engine for player gravity and friction.
Complete overhaul of player controls and control interface.
New control scheme – Combo
New Zoom functionality.
New player animations.
Added furnace open and close sounds.
Added hardware back button navigation for Android.


Mined emerald ore now drops 1 to 2 emeralds.
Mined coal ore now drops 1 to 3 coal.
Mined lapis ore now drops 1 to 6 blue dye.
Tall grass now has a small chance to drop wheat.

Increased chest inventory space from 20 to 30.
Update fire audio loop.
Updated farm tile graphic.
Updated sun and moon skins.
Updated load world screen.
Updated creative menu.
updated chest menu.
Updated player inventory screen.
Updated skin selection screen.
Updated furnace menu.
Removed chest from simple crafting list.
Icreased the amount of snow particles when snowing.
Improved Auto Jump
Trees are now fall after their trunk is destroyed.
Leaves now have a 10% chance of dropping an apple or sapling.
Grass has a 50% chance of dropping seeds
Increased safe fall distance to 5 blocks.
Recipie for light swords now needs 6 emeralds instead of 5 glass.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed small memory leak in creative menu.
Fixed stars clustering after many of night cycles. This caused a frame rate drop over many night cycles.
On occasion, saving and exiting a world and then re-entering world caused a crash.
Fixed placeholder being shown in player hand.
Fixed stats not being counted or saved. Note: Will not work on old worlds from previous versions.

Version 10.0.01


Added foreground blocks back. 😉

Version 10.0.00


New Versioning!

Reduced hardness of wood logs. This update effectively reduces the time to mine logs by 50%.
Switch the load and delete button’s positions.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed auto jump bug where player would try and jump through blocks.
Fixed bug where leaf particles would display as grey scaled.

Version 4.6.9

Completely updated particle engine.
This includes new particle animations for fire, breaking blocks, weather, and more!
Found a nasty unknown bug having to do with block culling.

Version 4.6.8

Added Pumpkin, Sandstone, Stone Brick, and Cobblestone Fences. Other maintenance.

Version 4.6.7

Updated: Player walk speed now starts out slow and gradually increases.
Updated: Player skins now use correct frames for body parts.
Updated: Added Jungle Fences and Spruce Fences.

Other maitenance.

Version 4.6.6

Fixed multiple bugs in the skin menu.
Fixed bug where spreading fire would cause a random crash.
Fixed bug in options menu.
Other misc. minor bug fixes.

Version 4.6.5

Added Oak Fences and Birch Fences.
Note: Fences will not save in old worlds. You will need to create a new world to save placed fences.
Other Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.6.3 – 4.6.4

Creepers do more damage.
Fixed bug where creepers would circle player instead of exploding.
Updated sound menu with a master and music volume sliders.
Other minor Fixes.

Version 4.6.2

Started implementing new user interface.
Wheat seeds drop from harvested Wheat.
Improved frame rate during storms.
Fixed mobs gathering off screen. Note: Old worlds with groups of mobs will need killed off.
Neutral mobs spawn rate decreased.
Items collected are now defaulted to player inventory.
Reduced number of interstitial ads in free version.
Added back chest button for sandbox and creative modes.
Added new health and hunger system.
Food restores health as well as hunger.